#fajkhack: This was the outcome of Sweden’s first journo hack

7 Maj


On the 5-6th of May almost 30 Swedish journalists, developers and graphical designers met – supported by Knight-Mozilla Open News – to hack open data from the city of Stockholm. These are the five hacks they did.

Team Lärarnas Tidning+TV4

Link: http://skolkarta.foraldraforum.eu/
Presentation: http://fajk.nu/2012/05/06/team-lararnas-tidningtv4-de-nya-flickskolorna/
David Hall, David Henriksson, Lotta Holmström, Niklas Arevik.

News story
The gender distribution in Stockholm schools are becoming more unequal. The girls dominate in prime inner-city schools, while boys are in majority in the suburban schools with grades below average.

A map showing the Stockholm high schools broken down by gender composition of the pupils. The map also shows schools’ average scores, parental education levels and the percentage of pupils with foreign backgrounds.

Web service
An opportunity for visitors to browse among Stockholm’s high schools and get a picture of student performance and composition.”

Team SvD

Link: http://www.funkardet.se/fajkhack/
Presentation:  http://fajk.nu/2012/05/06/team-svd-har-ar-ranterejsets-vinnare/
  Simon Larsson, Jenny Alvén, Peter Grensund, Mark Malmström, Johan Silfversten Bergman

Our team wanted to find out what kind of patterns we would find by combining crowd sourced mortgage rates from SvD.se’s readers with data from Stockholm Municipality. Do well educated or people with high income tend to have a better mortgage rate for example?

Team Aftonbladet International

Link: http://bloggar.aftonbladet.se/fajk/test/
Presentation: http://fajk.nu/2012/05/06/team-aftonbladet-international-stockholms-basta-och-samsta-dagis/
Kristina Edblom, Lukas Hansson, Andreas Kjensli Knudsen (frilans, Norge), Esa Mäkinen (Helsingin Sanomat, Finland)

We used Open Stockholm data to compare local preschools. We mashed up two datasets: information on preschools from Open Stockholm and information on queues we scraped from Stockholm City web page. We made an index out of these that compared five different aspects of prescools in Stockholm.

Then we made a list of best and worst preschools, based on this index. With the help of Artilect, we also made an interactive visualization of the best and worst kindergardens in Stockholm, on a color scale from green (best) to red (worst) The map-icons were colored according to the ranking of the kindergarden.

Team Sveriges Radio

Link: http://jensfinnas.com/fajkhack/skolgranskning/
Presentation: http://fajk.nu/2012/05/06/team-sr-sa-fostras-en-moderat/
Jens Finnäs, Ronnie Ritterland, Liv Widell, Yasmine El Rafie, Daniel Stintzing

Our hack has been based on the school elections of 2010 where pupils from the age  of 13 to 19 participated. We looked into the question on how background data effected the results.

Our source were the Stockholm municipality open database and the education ministry databas containing the election results and background data of the parents background, educational level and if immigrated to Sweden or not.

When merging the collected data our conclusion were that it was anobvious correlation between educational level, immigration and the inclinationto vote. The schools with less pupils of foreign background tended to vote forthe liberals.

Team SVT Pejl

Link: https://fw.naetet.se/fordomsquiz/ (Login: fajk Pswd: hackhack)
Presentation: http://fajk.nu/2012/05/06/team-svt-pejl-fordomsquiz/
I the team: Anton Blomberg, Daniel Lapidus, Johan Robertsson, Susan Ritzén, Kristofer Sjöholm.

We have made a Stockholm Quiz based on thier local data on different districts in Stockholm. It shows data in a fun and new way and get people in Stockholm to learn about things that they didn´t know before. We used peoples prejudices on the different districts of Stockholm to catch their attention and get people in the game.

We used Python and Django av programming languages and JavaScript for the presentation (mainly D3). For the hack we made it quick and easy by using Google Spredsheat as data layer.



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